Our proposals

What we will achieve in 10 key pledges


Wood Green is diverse and vibrant. We will build on this to create a strong image for Wood Green and ensure we are a destination of choice.


We will hire and manage a dedicated security team to achieve a measurable reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour


We will make sure there is a buzz in Wood Green that people find attractive


We will be eyes and ears on the street to ensure the Council’s current cleaning services are more effective, and will work with them to achieve this


There is a lot of development planned for Wood green. We will make sure you have a strong voice in this, as well as other key issues like Crossrail 2, parking restrictions and business rates


We will ensure a more attractive environment for visitors, particularly at Wood Green and Turnpike Lane underground stations


We will save businesses money by arranging joint-procurement of business services


Alexandra Palace attracts over 3 million visitors annually. We will take advantage of this by making sure that Wood Green is seen as the gateway to Alexandra palace and the best place to visit before or after


We will involve businesses in working towards a long-term vision for Wood Green as an easily accessible, creative and vibrant metropolitan centre, with attractive and spacious public realm and a strong business mix


We will make Wood Green attractive to key brands and new businesses

And here's how:

Theme 1 - Experience Wood Green

We want Wood Green to be welcoming and attractive at all times of day and somewhere that businesses can thrive. Giving people a good experience is crucial to achieving this by improving the image of Wood Green.

We will:

Make Wood Green more safe & secure

These proposals are supported by the police, who have agreed to work in partnership to deliver security improvements in Wood Green. We will work with them on the five key areas of physical security, volume crime, fraud and economic crime, counter-terrorism and business continuity. Projects will include, for example:

  1. Managing a crime information sharing website and app, so businesses can share information with each other and with the police about, for example, shoplifters.
  2. Introducing on-street wardens accredited by the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme. Our wardens will be easily contactable and proactively gather information on business crime, ensure businesses receive regular updates and coordinate with CCTV and police
  3. Ensuring pubwatch or similar successfully returns to Wood Green in partnership with the police
  4. Delivering crime prevention workshops and training to businesses, for example on designing out crime, protection against fraud and business continuity in the face of unexpected events

Make Wood Green more attractive

  1. We will use creative lighting, planting, and physical improvements to improve the ambience of key points, such as the Underground Stations, and make Wood Green more welcoming and exciting to explore
  2. We will help businesses to improve shop-fronts, with training and competitions such as ‘best-dressed Christmas window’. We will involve local artists to bring a unique Wood Green creativity to this
  3. Our street-wardens will report public realm issues and help run education and operations against, for example, fly-tipping
  4. We have worked with the council to outline the baseline services, such as cleaning, that they provide for Wood Green. We will be eyes and ears on the street to ensure these are effective. If necessary, we will then provide additional cleaning.

Theme 2 - Imagine Wood Green

Wood Green is a multicultural hub and has many things to be proud of, from its food offer and its status as a Metropolitan town centre, to its independents and its technology repair shops. It should also be the first place the more than 3 million annual visitors to Alexandra Palace think of coming before or after an event. But we need to get the word out and to improve Wood Green’s image, to make sure we make the most of these great assets.

We will:

  • Give training and support to help you, as a business, raise your profile on social media and online
  • Coordinate a Wood Green social media PR campaign and create a strong visual image for Wood Green. We will create a buzz around Wood Green’s unique selling points and aim to promote it in key London publications
  • Ensure there are more well-managed, family friendly activities at key times of year and use key events to build Wood Green’s reputations. We will make sure that events are well promoted
  • Ensure there are small but regular activities that create a buzz in Wood Green, such as well-managed street performance. We will use this to encourage people to stay at the end of the working day and into the evening
  • Work with Alexandra Palace to raise Wood Green’s profile
  • In the future, we will explore using quality / artisanal markets to attract new people and draw them through the area.
  • When development occurs we will champion meanwhile uses that are built around the local community

Theme 3 - Stronger Wood Green

Working together can achieve a lot. A Business Improvement District is a strong formal structure that will allow businesses to have a strong voice. This will be very important to make sure our views are listened to on big issues affecting the area.

We will:

  • Save businesses money through joint procurement of business services such as waste collection, utilities, stationary, pest-control etc.
  • Run networking and training events for businesses and help keep you up to date with what is happening in the area through regular newsletters
  • Provide strong business representation on key issues like future developments, Crossrail 2, parking and waste-collection times. When appropriate, we will hold forums and facilitate consultations
  • Involve businesses in creating a vision for Wood Green, and use this to champion appropriate traffic solutions, public realm interventions and new shops. We will seek external funding to deliver projects where possible
  • Improve the retail mix by championing the area to key brands and seeking independent retailers with proven success in similar areas looking to expand.