Support from local businesses

Harry Rashid
Steering Group Chair

The BID Steering Group is very excited about the prospect of setting up a BID on Wood Green High Road. The creation of a BID will reinforce a partnership between the business community and other stakeholders including the Police and the local authority to deliver projects which will benefit trade and making Wood Green a better place for people to work and live. This year the BID Steering group is proud to have played a part in organising events and entertainments during the festive season.

Christine Patterson
Metro Bank
Steering Group Member

I am delighted to be part of the Future Wood Green Steering Group. Any initiative which strengthens and revitalises our town can only be a good thing, including investing in Wood Green as a Business Improvement District. There’s been some fantastic work done by the Business Forum and Wood Green is already a destination town for shopping and leisure activities. Our job is to build on that momentum and make Wood Green THE destination for visitors, investors and businesses alike. There are already new developments in the pipeline and I’m really excited at what we can achieve by working together as a community.

Isaiah Fapuro
The Mall
Steering Group Member

Seeing a Business Improvement District in Wood Green would be a great thing. I myself have seen first hand the benefits BIDs have brought to other parts of London. Wood Green already receives huge numbers of visitors every year, but we want to see that number increase. Furthermore, we want Wood Green to be seen as a destination for all hours from early in the morning to late in the evening. A BID will help provide the infrastructure, support for local businesses and vision to make Wood Green the best town centre in north London.

Nick Hartwright
The Green Rooms
Steering Group Member

"I Wholeheartedly support the formation of a Business Improvement District for Wood Green. The area is about to undergo a period of unprecedented change - geared toward re-establishing it as one of the most vibrant, exciting and inclusive places to live and work in North London. It's essential that the local community and local businesses play a key role in the evolution of the area. This cannot be about top down regeneration. A BID for Wood Green will to help to ensure the right kind of change is enacted, in the right way".

Karl Rogers
Metropolitan Police
Steering Group Member

Simon Key and Tim West
Little Green Bookshop

Charlie’s Café & Bakery

As a new business owner in Wood Green, its great to see the efforts being made to set up a BID. It's clear that positive changes are already taking place and there is enough enthusiasm to keep this going. The BID's plans to make the area safer, cleaner and more fun are very encouraging. I don't see any reason why Wood Green can't be north London's top shopping destination. There's already so much on offer it's just a case of spreading the message.

Cllr Joe Goldberg
Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Social Inclusion and Sustainability

I’m delighted that businesses in Wood Green are seeking to set up a Business Improvement District. By coming together in this way, local firms will be well-placed to address the challenges they all face, including reducing anti-social behaviour, ensuring our thoroughfares are kept clean and attractive, and improving the area’s retail offer. In doing so they’ll play their part in making Wood Green an even better place to live and work.